Reddit is a nerd’s paradise! You can find valuable information on just about every topic. You name it, Reddit’s got it! It is a popular news source where people can comment on the content. You can get into just about anything on the site. It is easy to spend hours scrolling through the front page for endless memes, lists of pro tips, GIFs, and even adult content. As valuable as some of the information on there is, you can easily find yourself wasting time on mindless chatter you simply don’t need.

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What Makes Reddit So Addictive?

Reddit is defined as a social news site. There’s a ton of new content and an extremely active community. It gets more than one billion page views each month. Not too many sites level up to that amount of activity. The page is not visually stimulating, it’s very simplistic. Each post, however, receives a positive or negative vote that allows it to climb up to the front page of Reddit. This allows only quality content to be displayed, which is the main reason why people trust the site.

This is great for research, you find quality information quickly. The problem is when you spend the next two hours looking at funny pictures of dogs. Then, your eye catches another interesting topic and you spend more time reading about it. Next thing you know, you’re in an information overload that turns into hours of usage.

Some people have described Reddit as cocaine for people with ADD. You just can’t stop consuming more and more information, and you become restless about it. The anonymous nature of the engagements is another factor that plays into the overconsumption of this site. It’s like having all the knowledge found on the internet and being able to discuss it with people from all around the globe. It is by far a super sensory overload.

Learn How to Stop Your Reddit Addiction

You’ll likely find this exact topic on Reddit! Yes, you’ll be able to research Reddit and find out how to stop your addiction to it. So, first things first. Admit that you are addicted to the site. Here are some signs:

You Check Reddit Everyday

The site has become your go-to for news, research, entertainment, and just about anything you can get your hands on. You’ve abandoned other platforms that are useful to achieve what you’re looking for. In simple terms, you’ve become dependent on it and don’t utilize other means.

You Spend Hours on Reddit in One Sitting

Unless you’re doing deep research for work or something important, there’s no reason to spend hours uploading information into your brain. Even if it is educational material and useful for your knowledge base, it can be excessive. If you’re ignoring other activities so you can be on Reddit then it is likely you have become addicted.

You Get a Rush When You Use It

It’s normal to get excited about a tool you’re using, but when you desperately cannot wait to get on Reddit so you can check the latest updates, you probably have developed an addition to it. If you catch yourself checking the page so that you can overcome boredom, or distract yourself from your problems, then it has become an unhealthy habit.

You Become Frustrated From Not Being Able to Abandon It

When you notice that you’ve spent hours on the site and become annoyed with yourself, you’re starting to detect a negative pattern. Ask yourself if you’re truly enjoying yourself, or if you’ve become a slave to it.

If you become distressed because you are spending too much time on it, that is the first step in realizing you have a problem. This is a good thing, you have to admit to having a problem before you can do something about it.

How to Tackle a Reddit Detox

Now that you know you have to detox from Reddit, you’re able to map out a plan for yourself that will get you off this ball and chain. Think of how liberating it will feel to use the site in a healthy way. The site is a great source of information, you can gain a lot of value from using it.

Once you know how to control the mindless urges that can come from an addiction to the site, you’ll be ready to enjoy its benefits. Here are some simple steps to start your way to freedom:

Track Your Activity

Keep a journal of all the times you use Reddit. Include dates and the amount of usage, reason for using it, and the results you get from it. Detail every single topic you engage in. Even if it’s a one-minute piece of content, keep track. Looking at funny memes for 30 seconds may seem harmless, but tracking all of it provides valuable information to help you understand your activity on the site.

Set Specific Goals

There is nothing wrong with using Reddit for entertainment. Just limit your time on it so that it doesn’t interfere with your life. If you only want to use it for valuable research, then set a goal to search for specific topics in a limited amount of time.

Life After Reddit

Make Reddit part of your toolbox, not the whole toolbox. By diversifying the sites you visit, you’ll stay objective and won’t over-engage in one particular platform.

Following these simple steps can make a huge difference in the way you approach a Reddit addiction. It feels great to detoxify yourself from overstimulation. You’ll find a sense of ease and control that will pour into other areas of your life.

You are in control of your actions, you can choose how to enjoy the things and people around you. Addictions can come in many forms, but they essentially have the same mechanism and solution. Create new thought patterns and consciously monitor yourself. It is very liberating to feel in control of your habits, with patience and consistency you’ll be a total success!